Best Places to Find Inspiration for Writing

Writing can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are writing for a living. Finding inspiration has never been easier however, and many online resources are available just for that purpose. What are some of the best places you should consider checking out in order to get inspired for your writing?

As the name suggests, this site focuses on giving you writing prompts and asking you to continue writing the story yourself. The topics on offer are unique, creative and interesting enough so that everyone can find something they are good at. read more

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Be Where You Are – The Power of Flow

Every single day Meghann and I look at our vision boards, at the things we want to accomplish in our life; and we visualize the successful accomplishment of these goals. We see it in our minds as if it has already been accomplished. We then try to “feel” what it feels like to accomplish these goals because we know that when we can experience the feeling, an excitement is created which gives us motivation to push and fight towards our desired outcome. read more

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Risk and the Virtue of Failure

I visited my nine year old daughter’s school recently and was amazed by the technological advancements that are present in today’s classrooms.  Nothing like my elementary experience – her classroom was filled with laptops, smart boards, interactive computer assisted devices and gadgets.  Something that I couldn’t even imagine when I was nine.  I can recall with excitement the day I saw my first Atari game console.  I used to get so excited to go to my cousin’s house because he had a Commodore 64.  Things have changed dramatically since then, but in many ways they are exactly the same. read more

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Making The Case For A Different Model of Success

I am what you could call a “reformed achiever”.

Let me tell you how I used to be.  You are probably familiar with people like this – driven, ambitious, sensitive.  Deep down rarely ever fully satisfied, and also deep down quite insecure.  Always needing external reinforcement, acknowledgment, significance to feel complete.  At an early age I started to equate love with achievement and significance. I don’t blame anyone for this association, it is what it is.  However it did crystallize into a major subconscious belief system when I was very young. read more

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Personal Responsibility

There is a powerful impact on your life when you accept 100% responsibility for your business, your life, and what you are going to be and do.

Here is a little formula that I have learned that helps me to remember the power of personal responsibility in my life.

E + R = O

Event + Response = Outcome

So any time you don’t get exactly what you want, you have one of two choices:

1) You can blame the event (E) for your lack of results (O); or read more

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Dream Killers – Cs & Bs

There are two absolute dream killers when you are pursuing a goal:



You will never be successful if you blame something or someone for your lack of results. You have to acknowledge THE TRUTH. The Truth is that it is YOU who took action, or didn’t take action. It is YOU who got you to where you are now.

In order to complain about something or someone, you have to believe that something better exists. You have to have a reference point of something you prefer that you are not willing to take responsibility for creating. Anything in your business that you complain about is something that YOU CAN ACTUALLY CHANGE if you are willing to take the risk, and take the action to change it. read more

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The Art of Asking

Life will pay you whatever price you ask of it.

The problem is that people often ask far below what they truly want because of fear. They are scared of being let down. They are scared of “getting their hopes up”. They are scared of doing the things that they have to in order to get what they truly want.

But it doesn’t change the fact that life will pay you whatever price you ask of it.

You want more home parties, you need to ask for more home parties. read more

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Closing the Gap

You know you’ve found your WHY when you have an absolute burning desire to accomplish your goal. It should be something that triggers emotion in you. Once you have that then you start taking massive action without having to “talk yourself into it”. It’s almost like your body will go on autopilot and start to take action to do whatever it takes to get your goal. You don’t get discouraged as easily, you don’t give up as easily. Burning desire for something is critical for you to have. read more

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The Art Of Designing A Life

Designing a life.  It’s much different than making a living.  Unfortunately most people focus on the latter (as I did for many years).  I feel that I’ve broken free of that mindset now, and each day I am working on bringing into existence my ideal life.

It wasn’t always that way.  Making a living used to be my primary focus, and I also believe that its central position was a driving factor in a lot of my stress and dissatisfaction. read more

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Don’t Trust the Skinny Chef

There is a famous quote by Warren Buffet that, although not intended for the direct sales industry, has a lot of application. He once said, when discussing why he generally doesn’t hire “financial advisers” to make investment decisions:

“Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway.”

Now the quote may be a little pretentious (the guy’s worth $44B he can say what he wants), but there is a real gem of wisdom in it that applies to building your direct sales business. read more

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