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Are You Stuck in a Rut?

Posted by on October 13, 2011

Great advice from Matt Cutts (Google Software Engineer) on how to get some momentum in life.

A 30 day challenge is a fantastic idea.  Your challenges are your own unique opportunities to create something new in your life.  It may be 30 days in creating a new empowering habit, overcoming a negative habit, learning a new skill set, or having an adventure and trying something completely new and out of your current comfort zone.  It may be a 30 day commitment to taking a certain pre-defined action that will bring you closer to your current goals.

The brilliant part is that there is no right answer. You are free to create and experiment, and the cost of failure is nothing. However the upside of your new world could be tremendous.  You may discover a passion or skill that you had no idea existed. You might pick up momentum that moves you closer to that big goal you’ve been chasing for years (but up until recently you felt you were drifting away from).  You might gain courage and realize that the fears that were holding you back in the past were really just in your head and aren’t real.

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