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Servant Leadership

Posted by on December 11, 2011

Everyone is a leader, regardless of position or title.  Each and everyday we have opportunities to lead, to positively influence those around us.

Everyday leadership is servant leadership. All of us can serve others, and help others to grow, and in turn enrich our own life.

A servant leader incorporates powerful habits in their daily interactions to yield massive results.  Here are some thoughts on how to be a more effective servant leader:

1. Effective Listening: Do you understand exactly the needs of those you lead, and those you interact with?

2. Showing Appreciation: Focus your attention on what people do right. Tell them about it, both spontaneously and routinely.

3. Respect: Respect every individual you interact with.

4. Develop Others: Provide people with value.

5. Unleash: Everyone has incredible potential inside of them. An everyday leader helps others to see and unleash the value and potential that is within.

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