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Closing the Gap

Posted by on September 24, 2012

You know you’ve found your WHY when you have an absolute burning desire to accomplish your goal. It should be something that triggers emotion in you. Once you have that then you start taking massive action without having to “talk yourself into it”. It’s almost like your body will go on autopilot and start to take action to do whatever it takes to get your goal. You don’t get discouraged as easily, you don’t give up as easily. Burning desire for something is critical for you to have.

Again, I can’t stress how important your WHY is. If your WHY is correctly aligned then you will have the burning desire.

Here is a quick exercise that I use to drive my burning desire for my goals. It is called “Closing the Gap”

1. Visualize in your mind what you want to accomplish and then FEEL the experience of actually accomplishing it (experience the emotions associated with you achieving this goal, ie. pride, pleasure, excitement, etc).

2. Pull back to where you are. Look at and identify the reality of today.

3. Snap back to where you want to go. Feel and see your WHY and your burning desire pulling you to take the actions that you need to accomplish your goal. Then see yourself again accomplishing the goal. Once you can see it in your mind then take the next step and experience the feelings associated with accomplishing your goal.

This little exercise, if you do it daily, will drive MASSIVE desire to accomplish your goal. Once you have this massive desire you will take action. Action will drive results.

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