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The Art of Asking

Posted by on September 26, 2012

Life will pay you whatever price you ask of it.

The problem is that people often ask far below what they truly want because of fear. They are scared of being let down. They are scared of “getting their hopes up”. They are scared of doing the things that they have to in order to get what they truly want.

But it doesn’t change the fact that life will pay you whatever price you ask of it.

You want more home parties, you need to ask for more home parties.

You want more recruits, you need to ask more people to join.

You want to learn how to better market and grow your business, you need to ask people who have the knowledge and skill to give you these resources.

Life will pay whatever price you ask of it.

So here are some tips on the “Art of the Ask”

1) Ask specifically – clarity is power. The more specific we are when we ask the more likely we will get what we are asking for.

2) Ask someone who has the “ability” to say yes to what you are asking for (for example don’t ask someone who knows nothing about direct sales for advice on your direct sales business).

3) Create value for the person that you are asking (for example, if you are asking someone to join you have to show then why they will value from joining).

4) Ask with absolute certainty and focused believe that you will get it.

5) Ask UNTIL you get what you want.

Life will pay whatever price you ask of it.

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