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Best Places to Find Inspiration for Writing

Posted by on May 21, 2017

Writing can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are writing for a living. Finding inspiration has never been easier however, and many online resources are available just for that purpose. What are some of the best places you should consider checking out in order to get inspired for your writing?

As the name suggests, this site focuses on giving you writing prompts and asking you to continue writing the story yourself. The topics on offer are unique, creative and interesting enough so that everyone can find something they are good at.

A good practice is to randomly choose a topic and start writing until you have written 50 words of your own creative writing. Repeating this exercise daily will give you all the inspiration you need to keep working on your private projects.

One of the many writer-blogger sites out there is run by none other than Kristen Lamb. This best-selling author has created a blog dedicated to writers and aspiring creatives.

With a plethora of tips, guides, articles and opinion pieces, every reader will find something interesting on her blog. If you aren’t a writer today, you might become one tomorrow if you glance at some of Lamb’s guides which are easygoing and straightforward.

A lifestyle blog dedicated to writers that face the harsh reality of self-criticism and writer’s blocks. Write to Done offers plenty of topics that can help writers in a pinch, meaning that you will always find relatable stories and guides on how to work under pressure or while facing emotional difficulties.

Even students that often face the thought: “I should just pay someone to write my essay for me – I’m not capable of doing it myself” will often find interesting and inspirational content here. Check out Write to Done if you ever feel unsure of your creative process and feel the need to get inspired again.

If you have ever held a picture book in your hands, you will feel right at home with Story Bird. The site is designed around the idea of having writers write stories based on existing picture books.

It’s quite simple and an amazing way to flex your creative muscles. It’s also quite easy to be inspired by the sheer amount of picture books on offer and you can start writing and sharing your content completely for free.

Sometimes you don’t have to write in order to create an amazing story. Story Kitchen is a site that allows you to create interesting and creative stories based on the choices you make during a quiz.

All you have to do is choose different answers based on your personal preferences and the site will generate a story for you. This is a great way to find inspiration for your own writing if you are unsure as to how to approach an idea you had in your head for a while. The best part about it is that you get to finish the story that the site started, so why not give it a shot and be creative every now and then?

In conclusion

The numerous sites available at the touch of a button make it seem easy to get inspired for further writing. Professional writers and authors know that the truth is a bit more complicated than that.

Do what you can to keep your spirits up and focus on developing your creative talents as well as your writing style. The combination of these two elements will allow you to create something truly unique to yourself – inspiration will come with the territory.

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